Five degrees of separation.

1. Me

2. Susan Schmidt (Horning)
(My former professor for The history of Media, Technology, and Pop Culture. Member of Chi-Pig and, previously, The Poor Girls. Had befriended and collaborated with the band Devo.)

3. Mark Mothersbaugh
(Devo frontman. Since Devo he has made a career of producing the musical scores for a number of television programs and films. He has worked frequently with Wes Anderson and has produced the scores to many of his movies including: Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and The Life Aquatic.)

4. Wes Anderson
(Phenomenal film maker. Frequently casts Bill Murray who appears in all but one of his full length films.)

5. Bill Murray

Note: This was my revolutionary discovery of the weekend. 


  1. Where is my "hand-drawn-to-scale" map?

  2. this is pretty rad. i would be excited if it was me. bill murray resides near the apex of awesome.

    ps - thanks for commenting on my blog today - i was delighted to find yours because what do i see? steve zissou, underwater spear fishers and SHARKS! this makes me excited because, like the discovery channel, i am having shark week on my blog. fun fun fun!