Nope, Andrew is not the only nerd in this relationship. I took two semesters of computer programming AND I actually even had an electronics lab kit when I was younger. Ha. But anyways, I came across this book when I was browsing the shelves at the library the other day. I really enjoyed learning about the progression and transformation of media when I took my media history class a couple years ago. For me, it's fascinating to learn how certain factors, both in technology and culture, can effect the function and purpose of a product in our everyday lives. I think computers, especially the computers of today, can absolutely be considered a media device and so in my mind I'm just adding on another chapter to what I enjoyed learning in class. I'm only a couple chapters into it right now, but one thing I like about this book is being able to understand how a young Steve Wozniak was inspired and guided into the great engineer that he became. In a way, it's very inspiring to me just reading it.
(On a side note, if you are even mildly interested in this, or the history of Apple, I suggest watching Pirates of Silicon Valley. It may look incredibly cheesy based on the cover, and the movie it's self may seem slightly cheesy at times, but I enjoyed it a lot.)

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