A whale of a tale.

A friend at work sent me this picture and the following exchange of e-mails commenced:

Kelle: Reminded me of you. Whale cuteness!
Me: Aww, love him.
Kelle: I want to hang out with him. And tell him jokes.
Me: And when he laughs, water will spout out of his top.
Kelle: And then he'd get all embarassed and blush. So then we'd have to give him a hug. And he would giggle. But then accidentally let a stinker. And then it's back to him being embarassed and blushing. But the most important part of the story would be when he said that I was funnier than G buu (co-worker).
Me: Then he would blow a raspberry.

(I have no idea where this whale is from but I'd like to thank the creator of it for making the lovely moment in my day possible.)

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