Ceramic results.

Last week I picked up some of the pieces I made in my ceramics class that had been glazed and fired. The glazing process is always sort of a surprise. Especially when there are no sample tiles to show you what some of the colors are, but I went out on a limb and tried what I thought would be nice based on the names. Ha. I really like how the iron in the clay oxidized and created all of the speckles on my pieces. The only thing I wasn't completely happy with was the birds. I made them on my first day of class when the wheel I was supposed to be using was broken. I had hoped to have them come out a nice yellow color, but it mostly looks clear with some splotches of blue. Oh well. I want to make little wire legs so they can stand.


  1. oh miss cheryl -- these are a treat to see! excellent work!

  2. I like the little planter on the left in the bottom photo. The color and pattern are so soothing.