The Weekend?

I don't know where my weekend went to. It was two wonderful days full of quality family time, but goodness, it came and went and I feel like I had no weekend at all.

The cat is waking me up numerous times during the night due to the fact that I am a light sleeper and I have a small apartment and no door on my room. I hope that this exploring/knocking things over in the middle of the night thing is just a phase.

I didn't get to sleep in at all this weekend. Saturday morning started off with meeting with a possible wedding caterer. This only left me feeling ten times more stressed about wedding planning and finances. I feel like weddings are incredibly unnecessarily expensive. I hate that I have to compromise things that would really make the wedding feel the way I've been imagining in my head just because we can't afford it. I hate that all of this seems to be revolving around money. I think there's a growing part of me that wishes we weren't even having this wedding and instead just eloping and having a day to ourselves.

It was my grandpa's 80th birthday this weekend. We celebrated Saturday night by going to a new jazz club in Ohio City called Jazz 28. It was such a good feeling to be in the company of my family. It's comforting to really see the love and genuine enjoyment that everyone shares with each other. Not to mention the trio that played that night was really amazing. We spent the following morning doing our traditional day of yard work for my grandpa as he is not able to do all of it himself anymore. I'm full of aches today because of it, but the time spent with everyone was well worth it.

I'm in the middle of so many projects/jobs/rolls of film at the moment and I just haven't made the time to update this blog with anything creative for what seems like quite a while so I am posting this video that I came across this morning. I hadn't been over to look at the Take Away Shows for probably several months now and I found that Margot and the Nuclear So and So's have been featured in a few. I can't say I'm a huge fan of their most recent releases (Animal and Not Animal) but I really enjoyed the video for this song. Especially the part with Casey and his handclapping in the beginning. If I had a crazy, musical, outgoing alter ego I would want it to be like Casey.

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - As Tall as cliffs - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

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  1. I know what you mean about wedding stuff. I felt the same way when I was getting married - I was having visions of elopement dancing through my head, but in the end, I was glad we had the family there.

    Hang in there.