Rings, rings.

I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after returning from the sunshine state late last night. Especially since Cleveland hasn't gotten the memo about spring yet and is currently in the 30s with snow. I'm already missing the sunny weather, the nest full of seven tiny swans outside Andrew's window, and our amazing new tandem bicycle (I can't wait to ride it again, it was the best surprise!). While I'll have to wait to post pictures of my visit, since most are on a roll of un-developed film, I have a couple of other things to share today.

I just came across an amazing artist on Ashes & Milk named Bryan Nash Gill. He creates life-sized prints from the cross sections of trees through the process of relief printing. I think the detail and complexity of the rings are absolutely gorgeous. This particular print is called Hemlock 82 and is available for purchase here.

I'm completely delighted to share these as well. Andrew and I comissioned the Etsy seller SterlingIdeas to make our wedding bands for us and this weekend we were able to see photos of the finished product. We felt that she had a style similar to my engagement ring and loved that she would work with us in creating matching bands out of recycled white gold. This is the result and we're very excited for the day when we'll finally be able to wear them.

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  1. Oh! They're beautiful, and so are you. Welcome back, Cher:)