A slow week.

- I'm too excited for Saturday already. One of my recent most favorite things is the fact that I get at least one full day a week with Andrew where neither of us has to go to work and we can have a slow morning and get mochas somewhere nearby.
- The feast starts tomorrow and for the first time in 5 years I can enjoy it from outside of Little Italy. This means no stress about being able to park within a mile of my house, no Sinatra blaring from multiple sources for 5 nights in a row, no fireworks at all and any random time of the day. Just delicious meatball subs and pastries to eat, It will be good.
- I have a new (used) car but feel guilty for turning my back on the old Volvo that's still sitting in the driveway.
- The house is finally feeling settled despite the few boxes lying around.
- I love that we can ride the tandem bike almost anywhere that we need to go.
- One month and one week until the wedding.

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