I saw this image on http://www.sharesomecandy.com/ and it was really inspiring to me. I'm planning on shifting the focus of my work to fibers this winter considering my two biggest project goals are (1) to finish this scrap rug that I've taken apart and assembled too many times and (2) to make a quilt for Andrew and I. I'll be working with recycled/repurposed fabrics for almost every part of these projects and would like to apply that use to some other smaller projects I have planned for my Etsy shop. I had been thinking about incorporating embroidery into my work because it was something I used to do a lot of with both of my grandmas. I have since stopped, but still have a decent amount of embroidery thread that I rarely use. When I saw this image it made me re-think the way I was planning on using the embroidery in my design. I hadn't thought of trying to utilize the embroidery as a pattern. I'm so glad our work space is finally organized so I can feel comfortable working on projects again.

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  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Please make something like this so I can touch it.