"...it's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Normally I'm the person complaining about the fact that there's holiday decorations in all the stores a week before Halloween night, or that the cups in Starbucks have turned red before Thanksgiving, but not this year. This year I'm pretty excited for Christmas already. I'm not really sure what's caused the change in me. Possibly because it will be the first Christmas I spend with my new husband, or possibly because I've spent the past week immersed in designing the album artwork and digital booklet for volume two of "A Very Standard Christmas". Either way, I kinda like it.

Here's a preview of the album cover. It's going to be available as a digital download only and the album has a pay-what-you'd-like pricing model. However, all proceeds will go to help support FACE, the low-cost animal clinic in Indianapolis, so do a little good and give a little more. There are some great bands on the album including Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, Kentucky Nightmare, Harley Poe, and more. To find out more about the album, or to purchase a copy, go to www.StandardRecording.com.

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  1. YAY! This makes me more excited for Christmas time!(: