AG Spring Fine Art Show.

Some pictures from last night's opening of the American Greetings Spring Fine Art Show. The first photo is of my piece "Bowie Rests on Rainbows" which already sold within the hour or so that we were there. There was a great turn out, Spaces Gallery was completely packed with people, and there was even an appearance by Cheer Bear. Excellent food. Lovely jazz. Beautiful art. 

(The Second piece from the top is by Johnny Yanok.)


  1. tee hee. i spy john delucca (claire mojher's husband) in the background of the last pic. :)

    your piece turned out great. seemingly very different for you! and congrats on the sale! :D

  2. your piece is gorgeous! that's awesome that it sold so fast. i love the second piece too.

    i also love your cardigan. & you're wearing the little wings necklace!

  3. I'm glad I got to see all of these lovely things in person! Congrats to you! I want to see Bowie kitty in more artwork.(: