I had to laugh when I saw that our friend Dana had posted this story about her cat Theo's birdwatching. I laughed because we have had something similar happening at our house lately. My aunt gave us a bird feeder for Easter and so I decided to hang it outside the office window. This is where our cats like to sit and watch the neighbor's gang of 6+ outdoor cats stroll through our backyard. The cats definitely seemed to enjoy their new birdwatching experience, but nothing could prepare them (or at least Bowie) for what came this weekend.

Yes, a bushy little squirrel, whom despite the fact that we have a backyard overflowing in acorns, decided to feast on the birdseed. This squirrel got Bowie so excited that he not only let out about a hundred meows in less than a minute but was clawing so furiously at the window that had it been warm enough to be open I'm sure he would have slashed right through the window screen and jumped on the fluffy thing. 

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  1. Hahaha this is wonderful. Our poor little indoor cats and their simple pleasures :)