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As I had mentioned before, I started reading another book by Frances Mayes last year and didn't particularly care for it. Under the Tuscan Sun was a different story...no pun intended. I thoroughly enjoyed Mayes' descriptions of the adventures of buying and repairing a dilapidated old house nestled in the Tuscan countryside. She and her husband learned how to live life in a foreign country and how to make a home there. It was one of those books that can really take you to another place which was something I greatly welcomed in the middle of this cold, snowy, grey Cleveland winter. Once I was done I decided to rent the movie that was based on the book. A lot of people had told me that it was good. I suppose that if I had never read the book I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It was a romantic comedy based on events in the book, a little too comical and predictable for me. But, I did enjoy how it brought particular characters and places from the book to life. 

I'm currently a little bit more than halfway through This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. If you like David Sedaris, you will like this book. It's a funny story about a quirky family that spends the week together sitting shiva after their father's death. It makes me laugh out loud and the characters are well written. 

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