We're all here together.

It's terrible what has happened in Japan. What continues to happen, and what could happen. I find myself continually checking the NPR website throughout the day to read the latest news on the power plants and aftershocks. I can't imagine actually being involved in an event like that. I mean, yes, the truth is that we're all here on this planet that it's happening to, but seeing these images and hearing the stories can sometimes seem like nothing more than a book or movie to me. I guess that's a bit sad. Those of us who weren't involved are lucky, to say the least. I think it's important to keep that in mind. 

I saw this map on Pinterest this morning and thought it was just too beautiful not to share. Letterpress and watercolor. From Design Ahoy on Etsy. I don't often buy artwork, but if these were to go on sale again I would love to have one. 

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