Thirty Pictures.

My friend Chelsey posted this over on her blog and I thought I'd give it a try. Thirty prompts for thirty pictures.

1. Someone I spend a lot of time with. Andrew. And Bowie. 

2. A picture of myself. Working in my old studio.

3. A picture of someone in my family. My grandpa, the reason I love photography.

4. A picture of something that makes me happy. Jellies.

5. An old picture of myself. Me and "AG Bear". Because that's what was embroidered on his corduroy shirt.  

6. A picture of a sibling. I never had any real siblings, but I was lucky enough to have two really great step-sisters for a number of years. I took this photo of them when we went on a family vacation to Yellowstone. The first time I had to share a backseat on a long trip with one, let alone two sisters. Lots of memories.

7. A photo from high school. Yep. That's me in the plaid.

8. A random photo of me and my significant other.

9. A photo I've never posted before. Butterflies in California.

10. A relative of mine. My grandma on the beach many years ago. 

11. A person I can tell everything to. Andrew. 

12. A picture from everyday life. The cats waiting for me to retrieve their toys from underneath the oven.

13. A picture from a place I love. The redwood forest.

14. A picture that reminds me of old times. My best friends were in a band.  

15. A picture from a great night. Possibly the most memorable night from all of college. Hanging Christmas lights. Tetris box costumes. Garden State + wine on the balcony of the Teal House. Drunk neighbor with a ladder. The truth about art students. Sleeping under the stars.

16. An unusual picture. Cactus face.

17. A picture of my spare time. Granny square quilt, 75% complete.

18. A picture of the person closest to me. Andrew, shark of the month.

19. A picture of a person who is always there. My favorite ladies.

20. A picture of a time in life I miss. The teal house. Good times, great oldies.

21. A picture from last summer. Cicada emerging.

22. A picture that makes me sad. Egon.

23. A picture I always laugh about. One of us had a gift card to the Sears Photo Studio. The rest is history.

24. A crazy picture. Buffalo head in my old Volvo.

25. Latest picture of myself. Five minutes ago.

26. A picture of my parents at my age. I'm not actually sure when this is from, but I liked it.

27. A picture from the best day of my life. The day we got married.

28. A picture from my favorite vacation. Our honeymoon in Carlsbad, California.

29. A picture of an accomplishment. Sitting in my completed BFA thesis space surrounded by my illustrations, book, and giant stuffed whale named Willard.

30. A picture i'm satisfied with. From my first real gallery show. A quilt that I made and paper clouds that one of my best friends and I were constructing.


  1. ohhh, i want to do this now.

    your pics of you and andrew made me tear up they're so cute. :)

  2. Where's the top of those plaid-skirted legs!? :P

  3. I'm amazed by how some blogs can be so touching and moving, even when you haven't met the author. This post is one of the best examples I've seen of that. Really awesome.

  4. You popped up in my google alert titled 'unusual picture'... because of the cactus face image.

    Lucky for me your post was very intesting and I enjoyed browsing your pictures. Your cats and husband seem lovely and you are a very talented artist *in more ways then one*...

    Nice post.

  5. I love this. And I'm ganking the idea.

  6. That night under those twinkling synthetic stars at the teal house was magical... Everything was perfect, just perfect! I miss you guys!