Windows open.

Today's weather was perfect. Warm enough to open the windows and wear sandals. Comfortable enough to go with or without a light sweater. And sunny. Finally we see the sun in Cleveland again. I almost didn't mind that I was stuck inside all morning, drawing flowers for a poster, just because it was so nice to sit with the windows open and smell the spring. Last weekend we were finally able to set up a porch swing that we had gotten as a wedding gift. Today was the first day that it was nice enough to sit out on it, I took a new book with me and spent quite a bit of time enjoying it. I love how excited the cats get about open windows. They sat in them all day long. 

I caught Emma meowing out the window and looked across to see one of the neighbor's many cats asleep on their AC unit. I have no idea how it managed to get up there, but it looked pretty comfortable. 

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  1. this looks and sounds lovely, and a porch swing? What an awesome wedding gift :)