What I love most about the spring.

I've been trying to resist the overwhelming urge to dive into planting this spring. It is one of my most favorite things, but if this potential house works out for us we could be moving in a month or so. One of my least favorite things is moving plants. Last weekend I was on the hunt for geraniums but had no luck. There is something about the smell of geraniums that I think fits the warm weather so well. Today I managed to find some white ones to fill in our long planters that were full of snapdragons last year. I had intended to settle with just those, but then I saw a display of amazing ranunculus and I couldn't resist. Every color available was perfect. Salmon, white, yellow, orange, red. They just looked incredible together. I picked my favorite, yellow, and quickly checked out at that point. One thing I am definitely looking forward to about getting a house is having a yard to fill with flowers. That sort of makes all the stressful parts of house buying more tolerable. 

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