The Cleveland Botanical Garden.

One of my favorite places in Cleveland is the Botanical Garden, so when Andrew and I shared a rare Sunday off together I suggested we spend some time there. It was really the perfect day to spend there. Comfortably warm,  sunny, but a little cloudy. I used to spend a lot of time at the gardens when I was in school because a handful of my classes were taught in the Gund building just across the street. It doesn't get much better than stepping out of a cold classroom and walking into a hot greenhouse in the middle of snowy February. That and I really like drawing plants. 

When I was going through these pictures deciding which ones to share I was reminded of a page from an old sketchbook that I drew on a visit here. So instead of sharing a photo of butterfly, I'll share a drawing instead. At the time, my sketchbook was an old dance instruction book that I had picked up at a local antique store. 

We also saw Midnight in Paris at the Cedar Lee. I'm not one of those girls who obsesses over all things Parisian, but I really loved this movie. Mostly for the art references.


  1. I LOVE the colors in this post! I need jewelry or an outfit with these colors.(: