Some films on a Friday.

It's not often that I get really excited about a movie. Unless Bill Murray or Wes Anderson are somehow involved in it. It's also not often that I would post something like this. But, there are two movies coming out in the near future that I am really excited about. One is "Blue Like Jazz" which is based on the book by Donald Miller. I'm currently in the middle of reading it right now, but I've read enough of it and Miller's other books to know that I won't be disappointed. Based on this trailer alone (featuring music by Menomena, and Alex from LOST), seeing how the scenes are playing out better than I had imagined in my mind, I'm going to guess that this movie is going to become a favorite of mine. I'm excited to see something like this reach out to young audiences. 

The second movie is one that hits a little close to home. Literally. It's called "Take Shelter" and it revolves around a man who starts having apocalyptic visions and feels driven to build a shelter for his family. The entire movie was filmed just outside of my hometown of Wellington, Ohio. Scenes from the movie take place in stores that I've shopped in for years, including the army/navy store where I bought my first pair of Chuck Taylors my freshman year of high school. And to top it off, my uncle is actually in the movie. He sells the main character the shipping container that he lowers into the ground and builds his shelter with. He got the part because he actually happens to sell and rent shipping containers in the area where the filming was taking place. Lucky coincidence.

(Side note: I've sat through too many wailing tornado sirens in the basement of our 100+ year old home in Wellington. This movie is guaranteed to get my adrenaline going.) 


  1. So excited for blue like jazz! So do you recommend super 8?

  2. Yes! I really really enjoyed Super 8.