Golden Half.

So Andrew got me this for Christmas:
It's a Golden Half camera which allows two shots per frame so you get two photos on a roll of film where you would typically get one. Twenty four exposures = forty eight exposures. Etc. Etc. I really love this camera because it's the perfect size to take anywhere. I've been working on a roll of film since Christmas and I just got it developed yesterday. I wanted to share a few of my favorites here. Several of the shots weren't printed properly, or at all, but I kind of like what happened. 

This last one is my favorite by far. It almost makes me miss the snow. 


  1. Ooo I love this! I know it really isn't the same, but I got an app for my phone that mimics a lot of the lomo cameras and that's one of the lenses it has. So fun to juxtapose different things.

    The snow one really is lovely :-)

  2. These make me smile! We should go on a photo adventure!!!