Out with the old, in with the new.

I've almost filled my current Moleskine journal. I've had this one for a little over a year now. I used to draw a lot more, I'd go through at least two sketchbooks in a year. It seems like I'm just so busy with freelance work now. I work all day and come home and work more. It's a bit exhausting, but it needs to be done. So when I start my new sketchbook I'm going to try and take the time to do something in it at least once a week. It's a good creative outlet.

I'm working on pieces for two upcoming shows. One is called Straight from the Crate and it will feature art on old, new, and recycled vinyl records and packaging. A lot of my co-workers are also participating along with some other really great artists not from the Cleveland area. The second show is the American Greetings Spring Fine Art show. I was too busy with school and other things to participate last year, but the previous year I had a intaglio print of a jellyfish make it in to the show. I'll post more details about both of these shows once I know more.

A few days ago I came home to find that I had free-range parakeets flying around in my house. My wonderful, massive cat decided to knock over the table that their cage was on (in an attempt to eat the birds, I'm sure) creating a huge mess of seeds and water on my bedroom floor and at the same time unsnapping the bottom of the cage from the top allowing them to fly away. Ed has always been very good about getting on my finger and getting back in the cage. Olive, however, took 30 minutes to catch.

I'll be flying to both Florida and Chicago within the next two weeks. Have I mentioned I hate flying? That's four flights in two weeks! I don't have any good books lined up to read this time, so to help ease my flying time I bought the Sims 3 app for my phone. I'm sure I'll be wearing out the battery very quickly.

The back of the Kraft mozzarella cheese bag has supplied me with a great recipe for Italian Tomato Bread and I've practically been living off of it this week. Well, up until the point that my loaf of french bread became rock hard. Typically I wouldn't have gotten this type of cheese but thanks to Dave's Market's lack of organic foods I did and I'm glad I did...but only for the recipe. Next time I'll make it with organic cheese.

Lots of projects, cleaning, painting, constructing, yoga, packing to be done.

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