What developed.

I had nearly forgotten about these rolls of film that I shot this spring. I had to dig around in some boxes to find my darkroom bag so I could get the film out of my Holga. I'm not totally sure how I feel about the 35mm adapter that I bought for it. I chose to get that so I don't have to spend a lot getting my 120 film developed, but I'm not loving the results yet. I'll shoot another roll before I decide to ditch it though. And of course, my broken Pop Cam...I'm so glad it broke. The results are always so ethereal and dreamy, and full of color. I'm beginning to think it has some major delay in the shutter that I don't notice because it always seems to produce remnants of images that I know I never shot, like my feet, or things that would have been to the side of something that I did shoot. These images are typically blurred, as if I wasn't holding the camera still while it was shooting. It's sort of eerie and lovely all at once. But anyways, some of my favorites from these two rolls of film are below.

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