- I love Cleveland. More than usual.
- Went to Made in the 216 and got inspired.
- Treated myself to one of the Pantone mugs I've been eyeing for a year or so.
- Ate delicious sample food at Whole Foods and homemade chocolate chip cookies.
- "Voted best burgers and wings in Little Italy"...I'm pretty sure they won by default considering every other restaurant in Little Italy only serves Italian food, not burgers and wings.
- Finally developed some rolls of film I've had in my cameras for months.
- I'm getting even more excited about the wedding now that the flowers that I'm growing for it are finally starting to bloom.
- Starting to pack random things, although we still don't know where we will live.
- I need to learn how to properly sew a zipper into something.
- Drawing, drawing, drawing.


  1. Zippers are so terrible to sew! I remember when I was young and my mother was first teaching me how to sew clothing she told me that no matter how good I ever got at it, that zippers were always going to hardest part haha

  2. No kidding! I'd really like to make a little handbag or pencil case out of some extra fabric I have, but I'm seriously lacking in the zipper skills.