Another year's cookie bake-a-thon.

My family's tradition of christmas cookie baking has come a long way since my grandma started it with me when I was little. It seems like my cousins and I have actually created our own traditions within the tradition...like attempting to use every single cookie cutter no matter the season it belongs to (this year we discovered one that seemed to resemble a pregnant witch), and attempting to create the largest and most ridiculous sugar cookie when we get tired of baking. And then there are the spritz cookies which are usually either awesome or a complete failure, but the good news is that we seem to have found the perfect vintage cookie press (made in Cleveland!). 

There are always some failures.
And some messes.

Lots of fun.

Dough eating.

And the ultimate cookie (for consumption only on Christmas Eve). 

Past years: here and here.


  1. Can we please all agree that Andrew's cookie baking ensemble is completely ridiculous? hahahahaha I love it!