Cookie bake-a-thon.

Every year some of my family and I get together for a mass cookie baking/chocolate making day. Typically it's just the women and kids that attend, but this year my dad was involved with a cookie trade at work so he came to crank out 8 dozen spritz cookies. Lucky for him, the cookie press cooperated this year.

Shakin' it up with some sprinkles.

Yes, that IS a Christmas witch. When we make sugar cookies, no cookie cutter gets left behind!


  1. Oh I'm gearin up for our own Christmas cookie/chocolate covered madness day! I will have to take photos this year of the mayhem!(:

    Gator snack wins for best cookie combo ever!

  2. holy crap, it's a narwal! i'm so excited about this!!!

    if it's not...don't crush my dreams...just let me pretend...