Mark Mothersbaugh.

The history of music fascinates me. How one style, movement, instrument, technology, person, historical event etc. influences another and another and another and evolves into something completely different yet somehow stays so connected. Of all the classes I took during the five years of working towards my BFA one of my favorites will always be my media history class. It really opened my mind to a lot concerning the way media effects the world, and in turn, how the world effects media.

This morning I decided to start my work day by listening to a slew of Mark Mothersbaugh compositions from various Wes Anderson films. For me, a Wes Anderson film just wouldn't be right without the touch of Mark Mothersbaugh. I think the only reason the Darjeeling Limited slipped by without him was because of the different cultures and locations calling for a different sound. But anyways, it made me start to think about the vast number of other things that Mark Mothersbaugh has done that I've encountered and enojyed. Going backwards from here, he's done the music for various Mac vs. PC commercials...all of which are impossible not to love (unless you're a die-hard PC fan...ugh). The Sims theme music...I will not elaborate on how addicted I once was to that game. Rugrats theme song...yes, I watched it. Devo...needs no explanation. And finally, with many more not as noteworthy encounters in between, the theme song to Pee Wee's Playhouse. Which leaves me with this thought: had I not been allowed to watch Pee Wee's Playhouse over and over again when I was younger, had my mom not given me the nickname Miss Yvonne, would I still be the avid Mark Mothersbaugh/Wes Anderson enthusiast that I am today? Has that long history of positive interaction with Mark Mothersbaugh compositions somehow brought me to become who I am now and what I appreciate? I'm feeling the need to illustrate a flow chart.


  1. I am looking forward to this flow chart! I would loooove to have more personal music history from the Cheryl as a regular blog happening. I also have a book suggestion for you, This is Your Brain on Music, The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J Levitin.

  2. Mark Mothersbaugh is probably one of the most amazing composers and entertainers out there in the world. The guy blows my mind.