Christmas Eve morning.

I just finished up drawing the last of my gifts. I've slowly been working on a mug of tea. It's cold now, still good though. Listening to the Nutcracker Suite for Guitar by Stevan Pasero. I got the album years ago when my aunt took me downtown to see the Nutcracker play around Christmas time. I remember really loving it. At the time I was still taking piano lessons and was constantly wanting to learn how to play the songs. I played "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" for one of my recitals. Thinking about it now I'm surprised that I enjoyed the music so much. For a middle school aged kid to really be into classical music isn't that normal (not that I wasn't also having my share of Will Smith and the Spice Girls on the side). I can probably attribute that to my mom and her love of it. I did grow up in a victorian home after all. Anyways, the album is now a Christmas listening staple for me along with A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. I've played that album an uncountable number of times this week. But after all of that I still don't feel like it's Christmas time.

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