Charity Shop Challenge: March.

This outfit really shows off the nerd in me. It's also pretty thrifty. The belt was the most expensive item, but it was absolutely worth it. It's the perfect accessory to add to an outfit that's lacking a little something. Plus, I think it's great to support handmade. 

Cardigan: American Eagle from resale shop - $6.99
Star Trek t-shirt: from resale shop - $3.99
White leather bow belt: Darlingtonia - $40
Orange skirt: Vintage from Etsy - gift from dad
Polka dot tights: Target


  1. I love this so much :) and I think it may inspire a little sewing project this weekend. I've REALLY been itching to make the bowtie the boys wore in Ryan/Chelseys wedding into something I can wear, and a belt seems like the perfect solution.

    Ps- we miss you guys a lot :( Like a lot a lot.

  2. Very cute! And I agree, that belt was a wise decision. Makes the whole outfit. :)

  3. That's an awesome outfit, I cannot believe you managed to make a Star Trek tee look that cute! x

  4. Adore your quirky style!
    My kind of stylish girl you are!
    I still can't do the hand sign though...

  5. Good thing I'm in control of my emotions... otherwise, I'd be inclined to express my human half's unbridled lurve for this ultra-rad 'fit. Anyh00... LLAP, Cher.

  6. I enjoyed looking at your pictures, crafts and reading about you and your hubby. You are so adorable and I just wanted you to know I enjoyed seeing a peek into your world. I wish you both the very best and hope the house works out!!!