A perfectly rainy wedding.

My best friend Dave and his new wife Bethany got married at a tiny airport in rural North Carolina over the weekend. We carpooled down which gave me the opportunity to reminisce with old friends about our crazy high school antics. Always a laugh. The wedding plans were slightly thwarted when rain brought their outdoor wedding inside. But like they say, rain on your wedding day is good luck, and the ceremony was really lovely either way. Especially with the pitter patter of rain outside and on the roof of the hangar. 

When the rain finished and the sun came out again Andrew and I took a walk out to see the planes. I loved their stripes and colors. I don't think I'll ever be taking a ride in one of them though. Far too small and fragile for my tastes. Aside from the fact that I am finally getting over my fear of flying in the big ones. We showered Dave and Bethany with "snow" since Bethany will be leaving her home state and they will be living in Ohio after their honeymoon. 


  1. i love all these photos so much. i don't know if i woulda been bummed or not about the rain, though. looks like andrew got a nice haircut. see you soon!

  2. the rain looks like a very special (and photogenic) guest. beautiful pics.



  3. Completely awesome.