Scuba Cat strikes again.

Seven years ago I started an online art portfolio on a website called DeviantArt. For a number of years it was a really great site to share what I was working on and get feedback on it. Eventually it seemed like the more serious artists starting leaving DeviantArt and I moved on to creating my own website and blog. I've heard and seen a lot of evidence lately that "designers" - both independent and employed by Urban Outfitters - have been poaching artwork from DeviantArt and ripping it off. So tonight I deleted my stagnant portfolio and did a Google search on a few of my more popular pieces to make sure they weren't appearing elsewhere. My Scuba Cat piece has been making it's rounds on Tumblr, Polyvore, and other various sites (usually without being credited) for a few years now which is rather frustrating. But I was happy to see that no one was claiming it as their own. It was published last year in an in-flight magazine called The Holland Herald along with an article about my original inspiration for the piece, a story about a man who taught his cat to scuba dive. 

So while I didn't find any direct copies of my work, I did happen to find this, which seems to be inspired by my drawing considering how close the shapes are. I have to say, I'm pretty fond of it. 
Found on Flickr here.

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