When the weekend ends.

I'm not sure how my three day weekend seemed to be more of a flurry than a typical two day one, but it did. 

There was the Saturday Shaker Square farmer's market and Larchmere's street sale. I thought we might have scored a couple of herman miller chairs for the dining room but once we got closer to them I was not excited about the price considering the less than acceptable condition they were in. 

Freelance work and cleaning my desk. I can't tell you how awesome it feels to have a clean desk again. I think it's something I can only truly enjoy after it's been a complete wreck for several months.

 An overnight trip to the lake house for some time with the family. As soon as we got there a huge storm rolled in. Watching the storm from the porch there is a familiar scene. It was a quick trip, but definitely worth it. There's something I really love about waking up there and smelling the lake water and looking down the channel at the boats. It's comfortable.

And then there was some frozen yogurt with strawberries and Californication. My two new favorites. 


  1. Completely jealous. Love being up there.

  2. those two new favorites of yours are legit. :)