Thanks eBay!

I snagged this rug on eBay a couple of weeks ago for 99 cents! (I'm pretty sure someone lost money on that deal and it wasn't me.) It came in the mail today which I was pretty excited about. Now if only we could manage to get that house that I want to put it in. Have I mentioned that the process of buying a foreclosure is incredibly frustrating?

 Anyways, if you started following my blog because you're waiting for the rope bench tutorial then I apologize because I've yet to create it. I've been on the lookout for a good piece of furniture to apply the technique to but haven't been lucky. If I don't find something within the next week or two then I will work with something I have around the house. 

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  1. i'm in love with this rug. i loveeee rugs like this. solid purchase!