"...As flashes of their faces go black and white and fade to yellow in a box in an attic..."

My amazing new vision insurance allowed me to get a second pair of glasses this past weekend. I picked them up last night and after a few hours of wearing them I realized they might cause me to resemble Ben Folds a little bit. Which is funny, because 5 minutes after that revelation when Andrew walked in the door and saw me he said the exact same thing. Considering that Ben Folds has been one of my favorite musicians since as long as I can remember, I'm thinking that maybe there were some subliminal factors that made me choose these frames. Andrew told me that I should take a picture to match one of Ben Folds and then put them side by side, which is pretty funny, so I did a little searching and ended up finding some sort of Twitter photo page that he has. I really enjoyed his photography that was in the Songs for Silverman album. It was one of the reasons I purchased the book version of the album. I didn't realize that photography was something that he pursued, but from the photos on this page I can tell that it's a little more than a hobby for him. He even seems to have his own dark room. I think these are really beautiful images. Most of them are very quiet personal moments. Something that I'm often drawn to in photography. The images from Tokyo remind me so much of Lost in Translation.

Seeing these have reminded me that I have a few rolls of film that need to be developed. Maybe this weekend.  Oh, and yes, that's Shatner in the last one. 

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  1. I love these photos. They make me want to kick my butt into gear with setting up our dark room.(: