Bean-Bag Buccaneers.

Yarrrgh! My dad got us this game from the 60s for Christmas and we played it for the first time last night. The point of it (or at least we think) is to sail to the island, collect your treasure, and sail back before the other opponent does. On top of that, each turn you get chances to hit the other opponent's ship with bean-bags shot out of a spring loaded cannon to keep them from moving in the next round. Due to the fact that the original instructions were missing, and no complete instructions could be found online, my dad made up his own rules for us that worked out pretty well. We had a lot of fun. And did I mention that you have to wear eye patches? 

Oh, and Andrew won. 


  1. Hahaha this game rules!

  2. I had this game as a child and have looked everywhere for one. I would love to purchase one, if it could be found. If anyone knows of one for sale please email: ronveit@yahoo.com


  3. i've been looking for this game for years? are you willing to sell your copy? No price request is unreasonable. let me know DavidDrozinski@hotmail.com

  4. Bean Bag Buccaneers is a two player children’s game, the object of which is to pick up your treasure chest on the central island and sail back safely. 

    Each player has a giant sailing ship as their main game piece. Each ship has a removable sail, two trigger-action side panels, and a huge spring-driven cannon. Players take turns moving forward along a prescribed track and shooting bean bags at their opponent’s ship. A hit on one of the side panels will force it to pop off and give the player a free shot at the other side; a hit forcing the sail off becalms the ship for a turn. 

    To add to the pirate flavor, each player also has an eye patch. Wearing these will slightly affect depth perception and add a marginal bit of sport to the shooting. 

    This game retailed for the somewhat impressive sum of $16 back in 1962. With its huge plastic ships (close to a foot long), giant vinyl play mat, and the eye patches, it may well stand as one of the more overproduced games of the early 1960s. Bean Bag Buccaneers?