Paper sketch.

A recent page from my Moleskine. I've been working on some ideas for a new piece or two. I'd like to have something to submit to the American Greetings Spring Fine Art Show in March. It's nice to have a personal project to focus on when all day I'm swimming in Taylor Swift card designs.


  1. This is lovely. ^___^

  2. Wow! I love how one sheet of paper was used to create both positive and negative shapes. (this might be looking into it too much, but it gives me that sense of satisfaction when you repurpose an item for more than one function.) Beautiful colors, as well!


    p.s. if you are allowed to, would you please post some of your t. swift work? i'm sure the blogosphere would love to see it! (and by "blogosphere" i mean myself and the other ladies at secondhand happenings...)

  3. Thanks! I'll certainly share some of my Taylor Swift work one it hits the card racks (which is soon!). Until then it's unfortunately confidential material.