Thanks IKEA!

I've been making imaginary desk combinations on the IKEA website for quite some time now but have resisted getting a new desk mostly due to the fact that I love my old desk. I've had it for years and it previously belonged to both my dad and aunt. It had several coats of chipped paint on it, nicks and gashes almost everywhere, but it was me. When it really came down to it though, the desk didn't offer me nearly as much space as I really need to work and it ended up looking like a complete mess 99% of the time. My husband, the neat freak, finally convinced me that it was time to get a new desk. So we made our long trip through the snow and ice to the Pittsburgh IKEA this past weekend and this is what I ended up with:

What really excited me about this desk was that it has a built-in light table. It's covered up by my cutting mat in the picture, but it's really nice and something I will definitely use frequently. I also got a new desk chair to replace my previous one that had multiple duct tape repairs to it's vinyl upholstery, and a fancy orange paper organizer (Andrew's idea, but I'm really starting to like it for more reasons than just that it looks nice).

Also, Bowie helped with the assembly.


  1. Looks super swedish. Good job! =)

  2. Hurray for organized work spaces and cats to help you get the job done right!