Twenty five degrees and riding the bike.

Andrew and I invested in a bike trainer not too long ago. We'd both been desiring to work out in a way that was a bit more challenging than the yoga dvds we typically follow along with. All summer long we rode our tandem bike but since it's far too cold for leisurely bike riding in Cleveland we decided to bring one of the bikes inside. There's something really rewarding to me about getting warmed up and worn out in a good bike ride. Since we're not actually traveling anywhere though, Andrew and I have found ways to stay entertained while riding. I've started reading Frances Mayes' A Year in the World - Journeys of a Passionate Traveler and Andrew figured out that he can still play Mario.


  1. Haha, Andrew playing Mario on the bike is sweet. I'm sure there's some contest for creative working out that you could enter with that pic.

  2. Haha that's awesome. There is a gym that's on the same block as our apartment here, me not being a macho gym type I was kind of intimidated to go there but they actually have a separate room where they have a big screen tv and have bikes/treadmills set up so you can bring a movie and watch while you bike. That's pretty much my only motivation to go, I could either sit on the couch watching a movie and eating cheetos or I could go to the gym and watch it haha Its nothing like playing Mario while you bike though

  3. You were right by the way about being sore the next day after kickin butt in boxing!